New Feature Article by Micah Raskin Explores How COVID-19 has Impacted Philanthropy in the U.S.

Micah Raskin
3 min readMar 2, 2021


Micah Raskin encourages volunteers and donors to consider working together as a cohesive group, in order to accelerate and enhance their collective impact.

NASSAU COUNTY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2021 / In a new feature article published by, internationally-acclaimed philanthropist Micah Raskin has explored an issue that has not been getting enough attention during the pandemic: how COVID-19 has impacted the philanthropic sector in the U.S.

The first thing that Micah Raskin highlights is that the pandemic has both helped and harmed many non-profit organizations. On the plus side, more individuals — and perhaps surprisingly, especially Millennials — have already donated, or plan to donate, funds to various charitable organizations. But on the minus side, a combination of lockdowns and a general aversion to outside-the-home activities — particularly among seniors — has meant that many charitable organizations have been deprived of a critical asset: volunteers.

“While it is possible for some volunteer activities to be done remotely, many tasks require in-person engagement or door-to-door canvassing,” commented Micah Raskin, an internationally-acclaimed philanthropist whose current humanitarian efforts include providing support and resources for homeless individuals in Long Island, NY, and launching campaigns to help put an end to cyberbullying among children and teens. He also helped fund the expansion of Jerusalem’s renowned Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Micah Raskin further explains that the pandemic has triggered confusion among some donors, who are not sure where they should be directing their funds at this time. To resolve this confusion, he urges donors to realize that while it is always going to be important to support issues like environmental protection and preservation, right now health-related charity work must be the focus and priority.

“While there is some cautious optimism that the very worst of the pandemic might possibly be behind us, and that we will start seeing mass roll-outs of safe vaccines and therapies in the months ahead, we are by no means even close to getting back to normal,” commented Micah Raskin. “Thousands of charitable organizations of all sizes are still going to battle each day on the front lines to help keep vulnerable people and families safe and as healthy as possible. Most of these organizations are in dire need of funds to carry out their critical work in the community.”

In wrapping up his very timely article, Micah Raskin reminds active and prospective volunteers and donors that, while their efforts and contributions as individuals is certainly welcome and valuable, they could have an even greater impact if they work together as a cohesive, organized team.

“Philanthropists who come together and pool their resources — not just money, but knowledge capital as well — can have a profoundly positive effect in a very short period of time,” commented Micah Raskin. “As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers, and right now we need all hands on deck. What’s more, just as there are cycles of violence, there are cycles of virtue. When people learn that others in their community are banding together to make a positive difference, they become motivated to participate. It is very inspiring, and the impact can be profound.”

The full text of Micah Raskin’s feature article on how COVID-19 has impacted philanthropy in the U.S. is available here.

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Micah Raskin is an internationally-acclaimed philanthropist who is dedicated to strengthening local communities through various charitable initiatives. For the past several years, he has focused on addressing homelessness and hunger in the Nassau County and Queens County, NY neighborhoods where he grew up. He also helped fund the expansion of Jerusalem’s renowned Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and is currently launching campaigns to help address cyberbullying among children and teenagers.



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